Shopping and Delivery


We always pursue the interests of our customers offering them only the best products and services. In the catalog of our knives, there are many excellent versions, among which you can find various types of decorative weapons, for example: Engraved knives, Collectible knives, Damascus knives or Custom knives.

But accepting an order and making a knife is not all our work. After the order is completed, we must quickly and guaranteed deliver the purchase to you. In order for our goods to be bought by residents of all America, we arrange shipping to anywhere in the states. To do this, we carefully monitor how and where we send parcels.

After you have paid for the purchase, your knife must be delivered on time. To do this, we use DHL delivery services, which provides shipping services throughout the United States. Our partners have an organized logistics system, so you guaranteed to get the purchased knives.

If you have any questions about the delivery, then you can ask them to us by mail. Our consultants will study your problem and try to do everything possible to solve it.